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The Audio Critic

Home Theater BIG Screen, 2000 watts

MP3's v.s CD's, DTS v.s Dolby and other Stuff

Macrovision and how you can avoid it

Read this article for some Sound Advice

Build your own set of biline speakers

Spherex 5.1 (Home Theater in a box) Speaker Review

Proview RX-326 32" LCD HDTV Review

LG LDA-371 DVD Player Review

A Computer for the Living Room, a look at HTPC's

Spyder3TV Review

ATSC: what is it and why should you care

Boxee Box Review

The Home Theatre Room
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Infocus X1 DLP Projector Behind the Wall - Speakers and stuff Sony XBR 40 inch Television 2000 watts, 6 speakers and 3 Subwoofers Projector Screen Rear Surround Speakers
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The items in the above photo lead to these articles:

2000 watts, 6 speakers & 3 Subwoofers
'Behind the Wall' Speakers and stuff
Infocus X1 DLP Projector
Rear Surround Speakers
Projector Screen
Sony XBR 40'' Television

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