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Specifications for 'biline' Speakers.

You might be wondering what these biline speakers is all about, these were a set of speakers I had constructed and was seriously considering bringing to market I had built and sold close to 50 pairs of these speakers just through 'word-of-mouth' and they were designed to fill a need at the time with the poor choices of 5.1 speaker systems that were available to the public the only decent ones were 'Thousands of dollars' and mine if the user was willing to do some work would have cost just under One Thousand dollars and were easily equal to those Five Thousand dollar systems. I built the bare cabinets and the user built the speakers and finished the cabinets in the stain of their choice. The cabinets were built using Medium Density Fibre-board (MDF) with real birch Veneers. The Crossovers was very simple due to the excellent drivers used and the fact that the drivers themselves had very flat frequency response curves. The speakers also used an array that was originally discovered by Joseph D'Apploito called the D'Apploito network array. It was two regular drivers with a tweeter located in the middle between them so two drivers (bi) in a line hence the bi-line name.

Why does 'biline' Use 'Vifa' Drivers?
First some History is called for:
Vifa. Established 1933. Is situated in Denmark. Vifa is an international company. Represented in most countries. They export 90% of their production to technically demanding countries all over the world It has always been Vifa's aim to hold a position among market leaders in the field of hi-fi drivers. And their research and developing department is always busy carrying out a multitude of projects on new principles and materials. So as always to be up-to-the-minute on technological developments In order to fulfil this aim they make extensive use of modern computer technology. For example FFT (fast fourier transform). Cumulative spectra (3D plots), Computer simulation and Cad systems for the design of new components.

The Vifa design philosophy is to develop drivers with an excellent price ratio through optimal use of materials and principles. Vifa does not only care about the drivers performance in the piston range and with small signals. But they also put great efforts in controlling for example a woofer response way up in the midrange frequencies. Another example is woofers specifically designed for bass reflex enclosures. Where the large signal behavior is optimized over and even below the tuning frequency. Vifa produces high quality speaker units only. And their product range comprises well over 300 different types, 75% of which are custom designed. Developed to meet the specific requirement and wishes of individual customers and often developed in collaboration will the companies own engineers.

At Vifa they focus on their customers. And therefore they go for solutions. Which are to the advantage of the customer-and please note: Vifa is not in competition with the customers, as they only produce high-quality drivers. Not speaker 'box' or kit's as most of their competition does.

Solen-Air Core Inductors (Coil) Perfect Lay Hexagonal Windings Features:
Coating- Varnish Dip with Nylon Ties.
Dielectric-Polyurethane Polyamide Enamel.
Conductor-Enameled Solid Round.
Conductor-Annealed Copper 99.99% Purity
Computer Optimized Coil Dimension.
Integral Wheeler Formula Application
Very Low D.C. Resistance. Low A.C. Resistance.
Low Self Capacitance. Low Skin Effect Losses.
Low Proximity Effect Losses
High Quality Factor Electrical Performance
No Saturation Distortion. No Hyteresis Distortion.
Very Low Magnetosrtiction Distortion.
Linear A.C. Resistance.
Constant Inductance with Voltage Variation.
Constant Inductance with Current Variation.
Tested Voltage-l000 VAC

Parts involved, the Solen coils are the red items in picture.

Solen-Fast Capacitors Metallized Polypropylene:
Special 'Square' Mechanical Construction.
Hand Soldered Lead Termination.
Very Low Equivalent Series Resistance.
Very Low Inductance.
Ultra Linear impedance Characteristics.
Very Low Dielectric Absorption Factor.
Very Low Dissipation Factor
Very High Insulation Resistance Electrical Performance
No Short and/or Long Term Signal Aberration
Very High Self Resonant Frequency Unrivalled Handling of Fast Current Pulse.
High Current Capacity, High Conductivity Metallization.
High Frequency and Temperature Stability.
Excellent Long Term Electrical and Mechanical Reliability.
Electrical Rating PB= 4OO Vdc/250 Vac.

Basic cabinet stucture from the rear, note the extensive use of braces in the design.

Vifa-D27TG-05-06 Tweeter Features:
Coated Diaphragm of Fabric with Silk.
Linear Response Front Plate Neutral design.
Low Damping Ferrofluid with High Stability.
Damped Cavity in Pole Piece
Replaceable Voice Coil.
Near Flat Frequency Response with very Smooth Roll-off
Electrical Performance Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms.
Voice coil Resistance 4.6 Ohms
Nominal Power (EC 268-5) 100 Watts Short Term Power Max; (EC 268-5) 400 Watts.
Long Term Max Power (IEC 268-5) 200 Watts.
Operating Power 3.2 Watts.
Sensitivity (1W,1M/2.83V,1M) 91/92db.
Frequency Response 2.5 to 30Khz.
Free Air Resonance 100Hz.
Voice Coil Diameter 26mm. Voice Coil Height 1.61mm Air Gap Height 2mm.
Effective Diaphragm Area 7.1 cm, Moving Mass (inc air) 0.3 g
Magnet Weight (8.5 oz) 240g
Force Factor-Bxl 2.7txm. VAS-0.006 ltr,QMS-2.15 QES- l.l9, QTS-0.77

Cabinet front, the speaker holes are countersunk to allow flush mounting of drivers.

Vifa-P17WJ-00-08 6.5'' Woofer Features:
Magnesium Cast Basket.
Mineral Filled Polycone, High Damping rubber Surround
Very Smooth Frequency- Response and smooth Roll-off. Ideal For Bass Reflex Designs
Electrical Performance Nominal Impedance 8 0hms, Nominal Power (IEC 268- 5) 70 Watts.
Music Power (din 15 500) 120 Watts.
Frequency Range 37-500 Hz. Sensitivity (1W,1M) 88db.
Effective Cone Area 136cm, Voice Coil Resistance 5.8 Ohms, Voice Coil Inductance 0.55 Mh, Operating Power 6.3Watts. Voice Coil Diameter 32mm. Voice Coil Height 6mm.
Free Air Resonance 37hz. Moving Mass (inc air) l4g.
Force Factor-BxI 6.5 txm
Magnet weight (14.6 oz) 415g. QMS-1.55, QES-0.5, QTS-0.35, VAS-34.7 Itr

Click to enlarge any of the pictures.

So Why are 'biline' Speakers better than brand 'X'?
I'll be honest the 'biline' speakers are not the BEST speakers you could purchase or build, there are many other Brands which are as good or better, 'biline' is a custom built speaker produced in small runs (usually 2-4 pairs at one time) I created these speakers for one reason for 'Home Theatre'!, I did not have the Funds to Purchase an acceptable set of 5 speakers!, After lots of research and the help of my Cousin 'Marc Dugas' (he builds and repairs all makes of Speakers and Drivers) I decided to use the components he Suggested (which are listed above) And the first run was made. The results were very impressive, I don't like trying to write about how wonderful the sound was, suffice to say anyone who has heard them has asked me to build some for them (to date I have built over 60 pairs). Some individuals have even started construction on a set for themselves, I am quite willing to to provide all the information required to build these speakers and will hopefully have a complete guide up with diagrams and some pictures in the near future.

If anyone wants more information on building these drop me an e-mail


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