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Well thanks to link spammers who are trying to submit their sites to get more traffic I've decided to remove the submission form as I'm tried of going through 30-40 submissions a day full of junk! For anyone who wishes to have any comments posted they should use the contact form located on the bottom of this page.

Newest additions are placed on the bottom of this list!

from Gatineau, Quebec (Sept 04)
Well Mr. Biline... Nice site. Who's hosting it for you? Very interesting info. How the heck do you have time to do all this stuff? :-)

Steph Paradis "Hollywood" from Montreal (Sept 04)
FINALLY After all those years I find out what the hell your biline ref is all about. Nice to see that you're keeping busy on your free time and slowed down the spending on all those toys.
Don't forget to stop by the office next time you're in Montreal so I can show you some of our toys.

Claude from Canada (Sept 04)
WinTV 250 is perfect! Many thanks for the "tips".

Jean-Louis gagnon from Ontario Canada (Oct 04)
Great site!

Ian from Sweden (Oct 04)
What a site!!!!!!! Fantastic The Best On The Web!

Mike Dunn (Dec 04)
Wow. Great site!!!

Andrew from West Wales, UK (Dec 04)
Great site. Googled upon it when I was deciding on whether to buy the Pundit-R. Well, I'm sold. I sell PCs as a sideline to fixing them and have decided ur average Joe doesn't want a monster tower, and it looks like I can put something together for about the same price thanks to the Pundit.

Anyhow, thanks for the info. I've always thought about putting down all the stuff I've picked up over the years but never been arsed! Well watch this space (ajrcomputing.com) you might be my inspiration.

Doug from White Rock, BC (Dec 04)
Your info on Macrovison, was great, saved me a whole bunch of time. ...Great site!

BKnFla from Fort Lauderdale Florida USA (Dec 04)
Thank you thank you for all the information that you put together on VCR to computer/macroevilism, I too spent way too much time on this..and went down almost the same roads as you. You should really consider writing some instruction manuals for products, usually people who never use the product write them and you did a great job. I have a Dell Computer with Dell Movie Maker. I found DVD Region+DVD Free, which was supposed to work, however, I use MyDVD Studio by Sonic. The software removed macroevil from Intervideo however, if I tried to play the video back the mpeg jumped every 1 or 2 seconds. Many hours spent with every configuration... the software did not stop MyDVD Studio from putting the Macroevil and stoping the capture. So I basically gave up on the one movie I wanted to copy. I too just today ended up deciding on the Haugpauge product, which I had used their product years ago however, AVI was all it did then. I had great joy reading your blow by blow because I knew that I was not alone. Thank you!

Martin Bristow from London, England (Jan 05)
Just to say I wanted to mod my Xbox with the 007 exploit and your tutorial provided the clearest step-by-step guide I could find on the web - many thanks!

David from British Columbia (Feb 05)
Thanks for the great advice on the Hauppauge PVR. Just bought one.
Your articles are great, in language that less knowledgables like me could understand. I've tried so many sites and most of them lose me with the complicated technical details.

Hope you will write many more articles.

Fox (Feb 05)
I like your site, thank you :)

John (Feb 05)
Nice site :)

Passerby (May 05)
Amazing site and I got some recommendations for your xbox tutorial/forums:

1) Nice tutorials but it requires some additional info (i.e. you must start new mission>quit>load game for 007 for it to work properly.)
2) Close the forums... It's a living hell for any admin with questions popping faster than weeds in a backyard. All it does is spread even more questions. Creates lots of confusion too.
3) Just update your tutorials instead of creating a forums because it tends to be neglected since "new users" always ask thell for any admin with questions popping faster than weeds in a backyard. All it does is spread even more questions. Creates lots of confusion too.
3) Just update your tutorials instead of creating a forums because it tends to be neglected since "new users" always ask the same questions answered from the tutorials. (GJ on your tutorials esp. the 007 comparison pic.)

Tim K. (May 05)
I finally got an Xbox, modded it sucessfully with waffletools and your tutorial (thank you)!

Bob Lehrman (June 05)
Hello, I have seen your great tutorial located here:www.biline.ca/xbox_uxe.htm I am looking to burn some CD's with a good softmodding tutorial and the files needed for some of my close friends that I have meet on XBL. So I was requesting to use your tutorial in this CD, if you accept you will recieve full credit for it and it will include links to your site. Thank You,

Daniel Beckman (June 05)
Hello, I just wanted to thank you for for the great article on the UXE softmod. I had heard about softmods and was intrigued but this was the first comprehensive set of instructions I had seen. You did a great job documenting everything. (Some 'techies' don't realize what a difference that makes). The install went much easier than I thought, and I now have an Xbox running UnleashX with a 160GB (Samsung) drive.
Systems Engineer
Library of Congress, ITS/VGS

Wayne Oickle (Aug 05)
Hey, Just wanted to let you know your walkthough for UXE install worked perfectly! Thanks for the info and the great tutorial!

Catatonik (Aug 05)
The tutorial you have posted on TSOP flashing is by far the best laid out modding article i have seen to date. I found 100% of the needed files, right where you said they'd be. After that, I simply followed the step and in a quick and easy 30 minutes I was puttering around on my new dashboard, and setting up my emulators....Many, many thanks!

Chase P. (Sept 05)
Following the walkthrough and it was insanely easy and quick. The one part where I originally thought the guide was lacking (specific instructions for Krayzie's installer) ended up not being an issue because the installer had excellent prompts to tell you what to do. It also has sanity checks to make sure you aren't doing something before you have performed all steps needed prior to the one you are attempting.

I really can't thank biline enough for this excellent walk through.

XpUrEiTaLiAnX (Oct 05)
your directions were very well written... I found them very easy to follow... can you please send me something telling me where to find the mods and how to install them so I can mod on halo 2...

Jordie (Oct 05)
Hey, I have seen numerous soft mod steps before, each one of them leading me into a dead end.I just wanted to tell you that your how-to was the best one thanx.

John (Nov 05)
Your tutorial on this process is absolutely the best I have seen. I had been struggling for 2 weeks trying to figure out the process and trying a variety of flash hacks. Your site was clear, concise and told me exactly what hack I needed and what I should expect to see when doing it. Thanks so much. Great site by the way. I will recommend your site to others.

Mary (Nov 05)
Very nice website biline. Excellent SB (Xmod's Spin Brush magnet upgrade) install guide. I like your clean layout.

Pest 21 (Dec 05)
Just moded my xbox it went smooth. No problem Thanx Biline for the great tutorials!

oOELEM3NTXOo (Dec 05)
Biline I would like to thank you for the best step by step help thing on the web I soft modded my xbox succsesfuly and dont know how anyone can screw it up!! and I would like to post a link to your site on my site www.xcwxboxinfo.tk

Jean Hoderd (Jan 06)
congratulations for your UXE tutorial: it is the certainly the most well-written I've sound so far! Nevertheless, I am still left with one big doubt, which I hope you can take as input to improve the tutorial: I have a Xbox <-> USB Adaptor, and a USB memory stick which is recognised by the Xbox. In your tutorial you mention this "Action Replay" software to transfer the SaveGames to the memory stick; but I don't have any Windows computer, only Linux: how do I perform the transfer? In xbox-linux.org, they provide specially crafted files which one can simply copy in-the-raw to the USB stick ("cat file.dat > /dev/sda1", for example). However, the SaveGames you link to are ZIP files, not raw FATX images, so I reckon the same trick will not work.

Darcy from Canada (Jan 06)
Great Site Love it alot....Keep up the good work

Zekin (Jan 06)
I wanted to personally thank you. Although I didn't follow your tutorial fully, I was able to gather almost everything from your tutorial that you wrote of TSOP Flashing. I have one of the clumsiest hands ever, and being a big guy I was very very scared when I went into soldering. Your guide helped me alot, especially with finding the files that I needed, most of the ones I remembered told me to get them off IRC, while yours gave direct links. I took an old PCB board off of a keyboard and was practicing on it (Although getting into the xbox was alot different than I imagined). I'm very grateful for your tutorial. I managed to flash my BIOS successfully now thanks to you and I'm looking forward to a 250 gig hard-drive Best of luck to you and thank you again for your tutorial.

Glen Miner (Feb 06)
It seems I followed in your VHS archival footsteps -- I battled Macrovision almost as
fiercly. If only I'd read your articles first I could have saved myself some time (and money!). I'm
glad you've got the information up, though, to save others the trouble.

Angela Stover (Feb 06)
Thank you for your extensive research on overcoming the Macrovision monster on ATI cards. I am running Windows 2000 server and don't particularly care to tinker with my drivers or registry much; however, I would like to thank you for your recommendations for work arounds. I may try the one-time file replacement (after I read the code, of course) and after that, I may try the USB2 Haupauge WIN-TV device. I wish I had heard of the Haupauge brand before I was sucked into the black hole of ATI capturing hell! By the way, a site you referenced, digitalfaq.com, has a neat little link on their site that says "donate". Since my daugther had her toes on my laptop and her hands in my face while I was trying to navigate the sites, I actually donated money to them thinking it was for you. I have clicked some of your advertisers links, but I'd rather dontate to you directly. Have you considered setting up a paypal account so VERY APPRECIATIVE site visitors can more easily help offset your expenses? Having a "donate" link isn't considered begging for money. It's just giving the rest of us the opportunity to thank you for sharing knowledge and for us to help share the burden of hosting. It would be different if you pleaded for donations on the home page and had a huge pop up telling everyone the site is going to shut down if they can't spare a dollar. However, if you placed a "donate" link on the left naviagation, you would give us the opportunity to give back to you. Just something to consider. By the way, I didn't even notice the ads until I read your update. Then I hit a few hoping you'd get something out of it. Take care, and thanks.

Aldis (Mar 06)
Cool site, keep this good work up. This site is really great!

Doug Turner (Mar 06)
Just a quick note to say thank you for sharing your macrovision experience. I was about to travel down that same road but you have saved me from a bunch of unnecessary aggrevation.

Steven Boubelik (Mar 06)
Great Site! I stumbled upon it by doing a search for IBM 4100 Printers actually. I work
for a company called Rainbow Computer Technology, we are a remarketer of the IBM 3900/4000/4100 family of printers. We refurbished used equipment. I also break down machines for parts for many self maintainers we deal with. Your videos of the equipment in production are great! I am lucky enough that I get to travel and visit many print shops prior to purchasing 4000's that are coming out of production and then actually doing the deinstalls once they are done with production. Many of us get a kick out of the pictures and videos you have. My website, which is fairly new, is rainbowcomputer.net and has some info about what we do. Again, great site and nice to see somebody as enthusiastic at what they do as I am!!

Shayne from the United States (April 06)
Keep up the good work Biline! I love that your website is a "one stop shop" for all of my xbox modding
needs. I love you so much for helping me put a 120 GB HDD in my now softmodded xbox. Once again thank you so much and keep up the good work.

Hartono (April 06)
Wow, you may be the most great tester I've found on the internet, and fairly found Hauppauge is the best fighting macro(shit)vision.

Val Walter (June 06)
I was interested in finding a review of the Canon CanoScan 8400F and through a Google search came upon your site. What a great review - easy to understand and quite detailed. Thank you so much, it has definitely helped me in my decision.

Greg Fripp (June 06)
I found you site from Google whilst looking for a new scanner having had an epson. Thanks to your advice, I purchased a Canonscan , and have been very happy with it. I wanted to copy 40 year old slides belonging to my father - and it coped beautifully! Good copies (using your settings) and it even copied them on my mac!

You have a nice site, professionally done.
Thanks, Greg

Sid G. (July 06)
I would like to compliment you on your excellent website. I found it while looking for XMOD info, it has been extremely helpful and informative.

John (Aug 06)
I wish that I had found your site before I made a purchase of ATI Theatre Pro 550. I ran into the macrovision problem and now I am stuck with this card and it is great for watching TV but not what I needed. OH well live and learn I guess. Great site keep up the good work. Also happy to get advice from Canada

Ed Wilson from Geneva, Switzerland (Aug 06)
Thanks for the effort you put in on your thorough review of the Canoscan 8400F. I would go ahead and buy immediately except that reading the other reviews Google found before yours (which was top of the second page!), many purchasers seem less than happy with the negative and slide scanning quality. Do you have any theories on this or could it be that you put in the time to set up the parameters carefully, whereas others hoped that the scanner software would optimise automatically? In my reading on scanners in general there does seem to be an overiding view that if you want to use a flatbed scanner for negatives and slides then don't bother! (it's the settings, you need to access the advanced menu to get great scans~biline)

Arlo (Aug 06)
Just wanted to you let you know that I followed your tutorial for ndure (I used the Krayzie installer v1.1) and it was so freaking simple! Made my own USB/Controller cable (I have two wireless controllers anyways and I can always wire it back up in need be), which was the longest part. Found a copy of Splinter Cell for $10. Man, waiting that 10 seconds after reboot until EvolutionX showed up was a little nerve wracking. :D Thanks for the tut!

Worcth from Saskatchewan (Aug 06)
Excellent tutorials. Especially using the new NDure exploit. Because of your helpful guide, you saved a Saskatchewanian's evenings!!

Krotik (Sept 06)
Best my wishes to Admin. Realy nice site. Only add more pictures please. See you!

Peter DiMaio (Sept 06)
Hi Biline, I loved your review on the Acer 2201 lci laptop so much I went out and purchased one, I love it, I now find I have a problem with my wrists and find it difficult typing on the laptop keyboard, in your review you mentioned adding a full size external keyboard which I thought was a great idea so I did the same, kind regards Pete.

Chris (Nov 06)
Just a quick note to thank you for a brilliant website.
Softmodded my Xbox last night and could not have done it without the help from this website!

Keith (Dec 06)
I read with interest your "adventure" with Macrovision, I have discovered what a pain it can be as I tried to copy some of my granddaughter's favourite tapes. I simply wanted to make a backup copy for her to use and store the original to save it from wearing out. (I know how you feel~biline)

Dennis Metz from Cross City FL (Dec 06)
After doing some more research I found out the same thing and ordered the Hauppauge PVR-250, I want to just put my vast VHS collection on DVD while I still can . Again thanks for good website you have helped me a lot!

Mel (Jan 07)
Thanks for your review of the 8400F. It was good to have an in-depth review since I'm finding it difficult to find any others.

Pete (Jan 07)
Hey..thanks..I liked your review on the Canon 8400F Scanner and it made me choose it! I was also just wondering if you have discovered anything else or used it for 6x6 or Black & White Negatives....

David Gross (Feb 07)
Thank you so mush for your excelent review of the Spherex Xbox 5.1 system as I have been thinking about purchasing these speakers and keep up the excellent work. You're doing a great job.

Bruce Stram (Mar 07)
Message: I came across your website while searching for Audio Critic (I'm a subscriber but lost the link thru some computer foul ups.) I much appreciate your AV references and was delighted to see Randi pulling on the apparently mainstream folks. Tho I've subscribed to Stereophile for years, I've become more and more skeptical of what they have to say. Two main points stick out for me: their frequent finding of audio results that seemingly fly in the face of any scientific explanation but elicit not even passing commentary to that fact; and their unwillingness to come to grips with double blind or some other objectification of their supposed results. In case you're not aware, there is a technically oriented group of long standing, the Boston Audio Society, that is similarly dismissive.

Elena Sambas (May 07)
Jeff, you're so talented. I like your website it makes me laugh. Keep up the good work!. God Bless

Rick (May 07)
Your site it great. Well documented with all the links available. I have my Xbox hooked up to a NAS system and using SMB stream all my media to it. I was blown away by what my Xbox could do. It also saved me the money of having to build a Media Center PC. I couldn't have done it without your site.

Stuart Krivis (July 07)
Just wanted to say that I have enjoyed a lot of the stuff on your site, and also many thanks for scanning the TAC issues. I see that both you and Peter Aczel are recommending the Spherex Xbox 5.1. It seems to be, unfortunately, no longer available, I guess I will keep trying to find a set online!

Rodrigo (Aug 07)
Hey your tutorial on how to change the HD on a softmodded XBOX is EXCELLENT! I couldn't find a good tutorial anywhere, since all of them need a chipped xbox etc... and I just don't have a 'friend' with a chipped one or anything, so I just followed your -again- EXCELLENT and CLEAR tutorial. And everything went smooth and perfect. So thank you dude, for putting that tutorial on your site, I highly appreciate it.

David (Sept 07)
I Have To Give Kudos On Your Xmod Motor Reviews, Absolutely Fantastic Reading And I Forwarded It To A Few Friends!

Thom Halvorsen
from Norway (Oct 07)
Based on your review I purchased the Spherex XBox Surround system from our local dealer here in Norway and on my DVD-Video discs the sound is amazing.

Brian Underwood (Oct 07)
I must say that your site is very impressive! I landed from it by doing a Google search for XMods, and although I can't remember the criteria, yours was the first hit!

Joe Pedoto (Nov 07)
Jeff, thanks for the great article on the Proview 326. I like the TV quite a bit but the remote issue is a pain in the butt. Thanks so much for validating my thoughts on the machine and revealing the MAG connection.

Mark (Dec 07)
Hi,many thanks for making the Audio Critic back issues available, but being greedy is it at all possible to cover the rest from the first issues following the evolution of the mag. As a youngster my late Dad used to be an early subscriber,now my son also enjoys reading his Grandads worn out back issues.
(Anything is possible given the time and in this case permission~biline)

Dave (Jan 08)
I have read your softmod tut for xbox, I'm impressed as its the most complete and clear one I have seen in days of reading and searching!

Ron Catsro (Mar 08)
I just found your site as per an ad for some Monsoon computer speakers for sale on ebay. I have not looked at your site strongly because I'm at work but for what I have seen it's refeshing to see the truth come out, Great Job :). I will be back into the site when I get home.

Jason Luu (Aug 08)
I read your review of the Canon Canoscan 8400F Scanner. Thanks for taking the time to write a "real world" and informative article. I found it very helpful for determining what settings to use.

David Sharpe (Aug 08)
I am glad I came across your site in regards to the Parc Safar in Quebec.

Rob (Sept 08)
I enjoyed your review of the Mio P550. I wanted to tell you that I've heard that Copilot is the best mapping/gps software there is.

Alicia Harry (Oct 08)
Thank you SO MUCH for your review of the 8400F. I have been looking around for a good scanner that will handle negatives and slides well, and your review has given me much more confidence in this Canon product.

Bob Bursnoll (Oct 08)
This is a great write up on the CLP-300, very accurate & detailed.

Jim Eichinger (Nov 08)
Great site!!! I can't tell you how great it was to have all this Macrovision info in one place! I only wish I had found it sooner as I'm about to go onto my 3rd card in order to record those Blue's Clues VHS tapes we got at a garage sale!

Ed Hamel (Dec 08)
Thank you for your excellent review of the Canon CanoScan Flatbed Photo Scanner 8400F

Mark Wills (Mar 09)
I have just found your site and also The Audio Critic. They are both outstanding. Please keep up the good work, science and logic need you.

Joel (Sept 09)
I'm a Xbox modder who has loved your tutorials for a long time.

Robin Gagnon (Feb 2010)
I'd just like to thank you and express my great appreciation for your community-minded article on dealing with the macrovision problem when transferring VHS to a computer. I found your article incredibly helpful. People like you who will put up information like this simply in order to help others
make the world a better place to live in.

Barrie Gilbert (May 2011)
I read your excellent review and explanation for the Canon
CanoScan 8400F, is the Canon Colour Scanner (CS9000F) essentially the same machine?
(the specs seem to be pretty well the same so it should be pretty close in quality~biline)

John Palmer (June 2012)
Your site is awesome!! Lots of great info!!! I just dug out my xmod evo
(from 3 years ago) and am tinkering with it again.....

Thomas Morell (June 2015)
Thank you greatly for preserving The Audio Critic writings.
Peter Aczel's writings were the best. His insistence on truth and science was always a breath of fresh air. He was one of my intellectual heroes.
His writings and analysis will be missed. Thank you for preserving his life's great work.

Barry Waldron (Sept 2015)
I have just bought my first xmod, gen 1 and wanted just to say thanks for such a vast amount of information, its been a great help and really got me interested in xmods

Carl Nishi (Aug 2018)
I just happened upon your website, and love the wealth of information you have compiled and created!
I love that you include sections on Audio/Video and Mountain Biking! Oh, how good life was when Peter Aczel and Sheldon Brown (bicycling guru) were alive and sharing their world views! I was so excited to see issues of TAC (The Audio Critic) available for on-line use. Thanks for a wonderful website!

Thanks to everyone who bothered to write with praise,comments or suggestions your Feedback helps to make the site better!


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