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What's in a Name? The History behind 'biline.ca'

Lets look at the basic meaning of the two parts of the name.

bi = 1). two, both twice (biweekly bimonthly).
2). an auxiliary activity (hobby or sideline, sparetime activity.

line = 1). a course of progress or movement.
2). a general concept or model.
3). Merchandise or services of a similar or related nature.
4). in music one of the 5 parallel marks constituting a staff.
I'll stop at 4 meanings the list goes on for quite a while....

Wow you can see that it could have lots of meanings!

Two different courses of progress or movement.
Two different general concepts or models.
Two different lines of merchandise or services of a similar or related nature
Hobby or sideline following a course of progress or movement
Hobby or sideline with a concept or model.
Hobby or sideline related to merchandise or services of a similar or related nature.
Hobby or sideline involving music.

I was trying to find a name to call the company that would eventually represent the speakers that I had started to manufacture. I was really getting frustrated because every single name I thought of was either taken or unsuitable for various reasons, I actually had a list of over 40 possible names and I couldn't use any of them. A friend suggested trying my last name or find something that related to the speakers somehow, a quality relating to the sound perhaps?

One of the major features of the speakers was that they employed a technique discovered by a gentleman called Joseph D'Apploito in a nutshell it used 2 woofers with a tweeter placed between them, this changed the dispersion characteristic and at the time was not really used in any other commercial speakers. So 2 speakers placed in a line (bi-line)
After researching the idea I discovered that 'bi-line' could be used for many different parts of my ideas, plans and inspirations. I removed the hyphen and decided the first letter would not be capitalized so that both parts of the word could have equal importance.

'biline' in terms of my web site takes a slight twist. my focus will be to remove the mystery behind Audio, Video and Computer shams!

I am appalled by the marketing practices used to sell these products, even the reviews are useless most of the time because unbiased intelligent authors are not used. How could any magazine publish the truth about products that generate most of their revenue (in the form of advertising), also these reviewers are often blinded by the technology they are involved in. I will be posting as many articles as I can find time to write that will demonstrate the basic facts and principals behind the marketing,what most company's hope you never realize...... so with that my slogan becomes

b = because
i = ignorance
l = leaves
i = individuals
n = needing
e = education

Now don't take that personal, ignorance just means no one bothered to inform you of the facts which I intend to rectify.....

So who the heck is the person behind the name?

Hi allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jeff Mathurin and you have stumbled upon my website which as you may have noticed is chock full of various sections relating to everything from what to do and see in the Ottawa area to Xmods Remote Control cars. This website started as a small project back in February of 2004 (2 years have passed) I was asked to create a list of documents that we had in our storage system and the list needed to be accessed by various people on the internal network where I work so I had the idea of using a website and after much reading and trial and error managed to create the website and the knowledge gained from this little project started me thinking about setting up my own website. I looked for a hosting service but they seemed way to expensive for a hobby website and the webspace offered by Rogers was very limited to space and bandwidth so I decided to host the site on my PC using Dynamic DNS. This worked fairly well for a while but when I started to hit over 30 GB of transfer per month I decided to pay for a hosting service and as of Jan 2006 the biline.ca website has been hosted by iWeb (actually I've had to move a few times before settling with iWeb)

All of the pages you will read are directly related to a current or past hobby (I've had lots) and the articles are solely based on the knowledge I've gained while enjoying these hobbies and of course the opinions are mine even though my opinion may be shared/disputed by others.

If you wish to contact me feel free you can use the link Here

Posted April 9th 2004


All of the pictures and information contained within the www.biline.ca website are the property of Jeff Mathurin please do NOT use any of the contents of this website without consent. If you would like to contact me for any reason then feel free to use the contact form by clicking Here