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This section is really going to be more of a F.A.Q of problems and issues I faced with suggestions to steer you towards a hopefully helpful solution.

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Changing the color of filament mid-way through a print
This was a little trickier than I first thought it would be, I read various forums and such to see how others proceeded to change the filament part way through a print and the best method is to insert a specific set of commands into the gcode file. First slice your print then use the preview feature to figure out at what specific layer you'll want to change the filament. Open the gcode file in notepad and use the find function to find that layer change. For this example let's say its 'layer 16' find layer 16 in the gcode file and simply cut and paste the code below into the file just below where the 'Layer 16' starts

G91 ; set relative positioning
G0 Z40 ; raise Z (drop bed)
G90 ; set absolute positioning
M84 S0 ; disable idle timeout
M0 ; Pause SD Print
G92 E0 ; zero extruder

When your print arrives at the gcode you inserted it will pause the print, lower the bed 40mm and lock the stepper motors until you resume the print. During this pause the Hot-end and Heated bed will stay on, you need to swap the filament and use the controls on your printer to advance the new filament far enough that your old color is completely gone. Now resume the print taking care to pull any residual filament from the extruder/hot-end. Assuming eveything went correctly it should resume exactly where it paused and start printing the new color of filament.

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