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The Audio Critic

Home Theater BIG Screen, 2000 watts

MP3's v.s CD's, DTS v.s Dolby and other Stuff

Macrovision and how you can avoid it

Read this article for some Sound Advice

Build your own set of biline speakers

Spherex 5.1 (Home Theater in a box) Speaker Review

Proview RX-326 32" LCD HDTV Review

LG LDA-371 DVD Player Review

A Computer for the Living Room, a look at HTPC's

Spyder3TV Review

ATSC: what is it and why should you care

Boxee Box Review


Until early 2005, The Audio Critic was a print publication. Our migration to the Internet has not changed our basic approach to audio reviewing. Determining the accuracy of audio reproduction is a completely objective process. Evaluating aesthetic satisfaction derived from audio reproduction is, on the other hand, totally subjective. Critics who confuse or conflate the two are doing the consumer a great disservice and are responsible for most of the grotesque misinformation that blights today's audio journalism. We believe in measuring and we believe in listening but we don't believe in measuring with our ears.

Peter Aczel has kindly allowed biline.ca to preserve the contents of The Audio Critic, so please have a look by clicking Here

Welcome to the Audio and Video Section

I couldn't resist putting this cartoon here as it pretty well conveys the message I'm trying to deliver.

Here in this section you'll find various articles exploring all the facets of the audio/video industry, the links to these articles are located on the left-hand side of this page.

Please feel free to explore all the articles. You will notice that I like to poke fun of this largely misunderstood industry and for good reason if those of you who believe all the hype were to read all of the articles contained in this section you would leave here a much wiser person. Hopefully richer in both areas important to everyone ''knowledge'' and your ''wallet!''

I have updated many of these articles and will continue to do so as new information that is pertinent to the issues becomes available the last update is listed below:

November 19th 2018
Thanks to Don Bieniewicz who sent me all the missing Audio Critic Magazines Including a letter regarding Subscription changes from 1987, have a look Here

August 30th 2018
I added some older Audio Critic magazines (1981 and up) to download, have a look Here

June 3rd 2011
I added a review of the Boxee Box by D-Link, have a read Here

Aug 26th 2010
I added an article about ATSC what the heck is it and why you want to know about it, have a read Here

Aug 25th 2010
I added a review of the Datacolor Spyder3TV Color Calibrator, have a read Here

June 10th 2010
The Audio Critic Web 'Zine is now part of biline.ca along with 14 downloadable back issues of the the Printed magazine, have look by clicking Here

May 31st 2007
I added an article called Why should we trust your reviews?, you can read it Here

May 5th 2007
I added an article caled "A Computer for the Living Room, a look at HTPC's" you can read it Here

June 15th 2006
I added a review of the Spherex 5.1 Digital Surround Sound System I think this system is the best kept secret of Home Theatre you can read the entire review Here

June 13th 2006
I added a review of the LG LDA-731 Upconverting HDMI DVD Player you can read the review Here

June 9th 2006
I added a review of the RX-326 Proview 32'' HDTV Widescreen LCD TV you can read the review Here

October 28th 2005
I added a new article called Hi-End Flummery you can read the review Here

May 10th 2005
I have added an article about Macrovision and it's effects on the capture process you can read the article Here

July 30th 2004
I added an article called Hi-End Flummery about the non-sense that Sterophile magazine is so willing to entertain, click Here to read.

May 20th 2004
Well I finally finished the article 100 inch Screen and 2000 watts, click Here to read.

April 27th 2004
Please check out my ranting on the topics of MP3's 'DTS' and other Stuff, click Here to read.

April 16th 2004
Added a new section regarding the The Audio Critic magazine, click Here to visit.

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