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e3D Big Box Build and Review

New Matter Mod-t Review

CowTech 3D Scanner Review

Bevel 3D Scanner Review

The $30 3D Printable Scanner Review

3D Printing Tips and Tricks

Simplify3D problem

Gallery of 3D Prints

Welcome to the 3D Printing Section

This section deals with 3D Printing specifically FFF or Fused filament fabrication. FFF is a process that uses a continuous coil of plastic material that is heated this softened plastic is forced out of the print head's nozzle.

The printer nozzle behaves like a pen drawing the image on the print surface except the ink is melted plastic. Stepper motors precisely move the nozzle to trace out the layer being done, once a full layer is drawn the next layer starts above it and the nozzle draws the next layer. The print is created in 'slices' the thickness of each slice depends on the settings used by the 'slicing' software to prepare the 3D model for printing.
see video

FFF is just one method of creating 3D prints and the printers that use it vary in size also the 3 main axis directions X, Y and Z are defined differently depending on the style of printer/design choices.

1.75 mm plastic on a 1KG spool

Prusa 3D Printer

News and Updates!

As usual I'm in the process of trying out a new software and attempting various prints and 3D scans so see the links below for the completed articles.

May 05/2017
Simplify3D problem has been added to hopefully get the issue addressed have a look Here.

May 01/2017
Added "The $30 3D Printable Scanner" review to the 3D printing section
I also finished "CowTech 3D scanner review"

November 29/2016
Finally my e3D BIgBox build and review is complete so have a look at it Here

November 17/2016
I managed to get my review of the New Matter Mod-t 3D printer finished so have look at it Here.

November 2016
Opened the 3D Printing Section doesn't sound like much but more will follow soon (I hope).


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