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Locking a Harddrive using a TSOP flashed/Chipped Xbox

To simplify which Xbox is in use The 'Modded' Xbox will be called Mbox and the Xbox we want to put the locked drive into will be called the Vbox (Virgin Xbox).

Boot the Mbox and FTP the EEPROM.bin file that we saved from the previous page in step one to the 'data' folder located under the 'Configmagic' folder which should be located on 'E:\Apps' You'll need to overwrite or delete any file that may be in the folder.

Run ConfigMagic and follow these steps:

  1. If your current drive is locked then choose 'Unlock HDD' and unlock your drive
    (important as the password will change and render the drive useless)
    NOTE: if you want to make sure you can revert everything make a back-up of your EEPROM.bin from the Mbox before you start and FTP it to your PC (don't confuse the two files or you'll be crying later)!
  2. Choose the option 'Load EEPROM from .BIN file' it will load the EEPROM.bin file we copied over earlier.
  3. Choose 'Update XBOX EEPROM' it will now reprogram your EEPROM with the information from the EEPROM.bin of the Vbox, when done it will let you know if was successful.
  4. This part is a little tougher as you'll need a boot CD with a Dashboard and access to 'Configmagic' if you have Slayers Auto-Installer kicking around this should do fine but you'll need to extract the '.iso' and make sure the version of 'Confmagic' on the '.iso' is the same as you used to back-up the EEPROM or it may not read the EEPROM correctly, you can read about extracting '.iso' files using Qwix Here
  5. Install the Hard-drive you wish to lock into the Mbox and boot using the disk you've prepared with access to 'Configmagic'
  6. Launch 'Configmagic' and choose 'Load XBOX EEPROM' this will load the newly programmed EEPROM so we can make the correct password locking key.
  7. Choose 'Lock HDD' and the Hard-drive (if Lockable) will be locked and you'll be given the master password of 'TEAMASSEMBLY' in case you have a problem it will allow you to unlock the drive later if needed.
  8. Power off the Mbox and transfer the newly locked Hard-drive into the Vbox. If you locked the drive to the right EEPROM.bin it should power right up into UnleashX (or whatever dash you had put on the drive).
  9. Obviously you need to put your Hard-drive back into the Mbox and if you need it locked you can lock the drive now! if you use the 'Live' Service you'll need to reprogram the EEPROM with your back-up copy first.
  10. That's it congratulations your're done.

If you have a little experience you can create a custom disk like Slayers and actually perform the whole operation on the Mbox using available tools!

As always I hope this article has been useful

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