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Petrie Island

The official web site is www.fallingbrook.com/petrieisland/
Petrie Island is a complex of islands and wetlands located on the south shore of the Ottawa River in suburban Ottawa, Canada. It features a large public beach, boat launch, interpretation center, and an extensive nature preserve with access trails where you may view many birds, reptiles and other animals as well as rare trees and other plant species. The site is owned by the City of Ottawa, which operates the beach. The Friends of Petrie Island operate the interpretation center and oversee the nature preserve, which covers most of the western portion of the site.
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Petrie Island is located on the Ottawa River, in the eastern part of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is accessed from Highway 174 (The Queensway) at Trim Road. If you are in downtown Ottawa, take Highway 417 east until "the split". Keep left at the split onto 174, which is still a four-lane limited-access highway that leads into Orleans. The first traffic light you will encounter is at Trim Road, at which you should turn left. Note that you will have to pay for parking: $2 for 5 hours.

Canada Day Celebrations at Petrie Island

An alternative to the rather busy festivities on Parliament Hill, families can enjoy an event filled day along the Ottawa River. Even an Amusement park is available and the evening ends with a celebration of Fireworks.

The Uhm, Facilities if needed

Tractors shuttle patrons from the parking areas to the main site.

A few of the rides

A few of the rides

Not sure how many actually rode this one!
The Beach at Sunset

The Beach at Sunset

Starting to get dark

Not quite time but dark enough for Sprinklers!




The list of shows and activities went something like this:

  • Midway and rides
  • Volunteer Fire Fighter Water Ball Game
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Food Concessions
  • Balloon Magic with Goopee The Clown
  • Kids Tent
  • Inflatable Rides
  • Karaoke Competition
  • Little Ray's Reptiles
  • Family Olympics
  • Elite Karate demonstration
  • Singing of "O Canada" and Birthday Cake
  • Circus Delights Magic Show
  • Mad Science Show
  • The Ricky Paquette Band
  • Fireworks!

They only drawback is the long journey back to your parking spot and the long wait for traffic to clear as people leave Petrie Island all at once, it's not nearly as bad as trying to leave from the main festivities on Parliament Hill, but you will need some patience and I suggest you bring a good flashlight because it's awfully dark after the fireworks have finished.

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