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Last update to rules listed here on this page was June 2007

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Garden Home Fire Safety

This handbook has been prepared to provide owners and residents of Hillsview Tower and Garden Homes, Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 17 (C.C.C. No. 17) with basic information regarding this condominium, its rules and regulations and its facilities. In order to enjoy fully the advantages inherent in condominium life, owners and residents should be aware of both the privileges and the responsibilities. You are asked to carefully read the material provided. Questions or suggestions may be delivered, in writing addressed to the Board of Directors, to the Property Manager’s office located on the lobby level of the Tower.

In Ontario all condominiums are subject to the Condominium Act, 1998, Statutes of Ontario. Under the provisions of this Act every condominium is registered as a Corporation and administered by an elected Board of Directors. By statute, the Board of Directors is empowered to create house rules and regulations, but changes to the Declaration and bylaws which establish the conditions under which the Corporation operates can only be made by a vote of the members at a duly authorized meeting. Every owner should be aware of the contents of the Declaration and be familiar with the bylaws.


1. Board of Directors and Committees

(a) C.C.C. No. 17 is governed by a Board of Directors elected at an annual meeting. The Board consists of five elected members. Directors must be owners in the Corporation and at least eighteen (18) years of age.

(b) Regular monthly meetings of the Board are held. These meetings are not open to owners. However, the Board sometimes calls informal meetings during the year to air specific issues and these meetings are open to owners for questions and comments.

(c) Sometimes committees are organized to provide essential assistance to the Board of Directors. Residents are encouraged to volunteer for the work of these committees and lighten the burden of the Board.

2. Meetings

(a) There is an Annual General Meeting to which all unit owners are encouraged to attend. The purpose of the meeting is to present the audited financial statement, the budget for the next fiscal year and to elect members of the Board of Directors and to give the Board authority to select an auditor and set its remuneration. All owners are urged to participate in the election. Owners who are unable to attend may register their vote by proxy with the Property Manager or with another owner who will be attending, at least two days prior to the meeting.

(b) Special meetings of the Corporation may be called at anytime by the President, by any two Directors, by a petition signed by 15% of the owners listed in the record maintained by the corporation. A quorum at a meeting of owners is achieved if 25% of the units are represented in person or by proxy.

3. Finance

(a) The Corporation’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. The Board prepares a budget annually. Copies of the budget and details of the resultant assessments for each unit (condominium fees) are provided to owners shortly after the Board has approved the budget. An audited financial statement is provided yearly to owners prior to the Annual General Meeting.

(b) Condominium fees are payable by means of post-dated cheques or by direct withdrawal to be mailed or delivered to the Property Manager no later than 7 days after the official notice has been delivered.

(c) Special budgets and assessments may be made to cover deficits at the discretion of the Board. Owners are obligated to pay any such additional amounts as may be levied.

4. Management

(a) The Property Manager is responsible to oversee the maintenance of the mechanical equipment, which provides essential services as well as arranging for the cleaning, repair, landscaping of and snow removal from the common elements.

(b) Although there is a resident Superintendent, he is not on call every evening (after 5:00 p.m.). For after hours service, you must call the emergency number (239-4775) to reach the Superintendent on call.
If you wish to contact the Superintendent or the Property Manager during office hours, you may contact the Management Office at 744-3598. The Management Office facsimile number is 746-5268 and the email address is hillsviewplace@rogers.com
The Superintendent, Manager and other staff are not permitted to accept parcels, registered mail or other deliveries for corporation residents.
The Superintendent, Manager and other staff are not responsible for ensuite maintenance and repairs (except common elements).

5. Insurance

(a) The building and Garden Homes are insured on a standard all risk condominium-building policy on a replacement cost basis. This policy protects unit owners for liability arising out of their interest in the common elements. The policy does not cover personal contents or upgrades; therefore each owner should have a condominium owner’s insurance package to cover their contents, upgrades and additional living expenses.

(b) Non-resident owners are to advise their tenants to purchase adequate insurance.

6. Damage to Common Elements

(a) In cases of damage to common elements where, in the opinion of the Board, damage was caused by negligence, wilful disregard or malicious intent on the part of the resident, owner or his/her guests, the Board will authorize the necessary repairs to the common elements and initiate recovery action from the responsible person(s).

(b) All residents have responsibility to report any defects in common elements in their units to the Property Manager as soon as possible.

7. Other Information

(a) Property Manager’s Office is located on the lobby level of the Tower. Correspondence for the Board of Directors or the Manager should be left in the office or it may be deposited into the mail slot in the Manager’s door or in the Recreation Centre door.

(b) There are bulletin boards located in the mailroom and in the laundry room of the Tower. Space on these boards is available for use by residents. The Property Manager posts notices on the mailroom bulletin board. All notices should bear the date posted and the name of the person posting them. Such notices will be removed after a two-week period. Commercial advertising is not permitted on the bulletin boards.

(c) Directory Board, notify the Property Manager in order to have your name placed on the directory board in the outer lobby of the Tower.

(d) Request for service forms are available at the Management Office or at the Recreation Centre door or use the online tool Here.


Pursuant to the Condominium Act, Declaration and Bylaws, the Board has approved a number of rules designed to make life pleasant and convenient for all residents. These are enforced by the Board and include the following:

1. Units


i) No unit owner or tenant of Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 17 shall keep in their unit or on the common elements any pet that is deemed by the Board of Directors, it its absolute discretion, to be a nuisance. Any unit owner or tenant who keeps a pet which is determined by the Board to be a nuisance shall within two weeks of receiving written notice from the Board, permanently remove any such pet from the property.

ii) No tower unit owner or tower unit tenant of Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 17 shall keep a pet in their unit or on the common elements of Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 17, that weighs in excess of 11.34 kilograms or 25 pounds; save and except any pet(s) in excess of such weight, already living in a tower unit prior to May 16, 2002, can remain on the property for the natural life of such pet.

iii) Any dog must be carried, or must be leashed and wearing a muzzle, at all times when the dog is on the interior common elements of Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 17, save and except any exclusive use common element.

iv) Any dog must be leashed when using the exterior common elements of Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 17 and leashed and muzzled if weighing in excess of 11.34 kilograms or 25 pounds, save and except any exclusive use common element.

v) Notwithstanding sub paragraph iii and iv herein above, no pet shall be allowed to roam freely on the common elements. Any such pet shall be turned over to the Ottawa Humane Society.

vi) All unit owners and tenants are personally responsible to ensure that no pet(s) of any visitor of theirs shall be allowed in their unit or on the common elements of Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 17, in breach of the provisions of this rule.

vii) All unit owners, tenants and visitors must obey all municipal by-laws pertaining to animals when any pet(s) of theirs is on any of the common elements of Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 17 as though the common element was public property.

viii) No pets shall be permitted at any time in the children’s playground area or the fenced in swimming pool area of Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 17.

ix) The Corporation will take all necessary legal steps to enforce this rule. (effective May 16, 2002)

(b) Due care must be exercised when using radios, stereos, musical instruments, etc. to ensure that other residents are not disturbed (also enforced by city bylaw).

(c) Cooking is not allowed on balconies (e.g., no barbecues). Garden Home residents shall not disturb neighbours with outdoor cooking. Residents will ensure that common elements are not endangered by outdoor cooking.

(d) The toilets and drains shall not be used for purposes other than those for which they are constructed and no sweepings, garbage, rubbish, rags, ashes or other substances shall be thrown therein. Any damage resulting to them from unusual or unreasonable use shall be borne by the owner who, or whose family, guests, visitors, servants, clerks or agents, shall cause it.

(e) No owner shall do, or permit anything to be done in his unit or bring or keep anything therein which will in any way increase the risk of fire or the rate of fire insurance on the building, or on property kept therein, or obstruct or interfere with the rights of other owners, or in any way injure or annoy them, or conflict with the laws relating to fire or with the regulations of the Fire Department or with any insurance policy carried by the Corporation or any owner or conflict with any of the rules and ordinances of the Board of Health or with any statute or municipal bylaw.

(f) External shades, screens, awnings, etc., shall not be fitted over the windows or in any manner outside the unit.

(g) Nothing shall be thrown off the balconies or out of the windows or doors of the building.

(h) No mops, brooms, dusters, rugs or bedding shall be shaken or beaten from any window, door or balcony. Only seasonal furniture is allowed on balconies or patios and they shall not be used for storage. No hanging or drying of laundry is allowed over the balcony or patio fences.

(i) The feeding of pigeons or other birds or wild animals such as squirrels on balconies, patios or lawns is strictly prohibited.

(j) No satellite dish, radio or television antenna (or appurtenances thereto) shall be installed or affixed or placed on any part of the exterior of any unit including without limitation any doorway, window, patio, balcony, wall, roof, fence, yard or common element whatsoever, without the prior written consent of the Board.

(k) Water shall not be left running unless in actual use.

(l) Owners, their families, guests, visitors and servants shall not create or permit the creation of or continuation of any noise or nuisance which, in the opinion of the Board or the Manager, may or does disturb the comfort or quiet enjoyment of the property by other owners, their families, guests, visitors, servants and persons having business with them.

(m) Owners shall not overload existing electrical circuits.

(n) No auction sale shall be held on property.

(o) No stores of any combustible or offensive goods, provisions or materials shall be kept on the property.

(p) No noise caused by any instrument or other device, or otherwise, which in the opinion of the Board may be calculated to disturb the comfort of the other owners, shall be permitted.

(q) Clothes washing machines are not permitted in the Tower units because they can cause crossover of the hot and cold water system and flooding through backups in the drainpipes that are not large enough to handle heavy flow.
(See Common Elements, item 2: Laundry Room).

(r) Each unit must be equipped with a smoke detector as required by bylaw.

(s) Any loss, cost or damages incurred by the Corporation by reason of a breach of any rules and regulations in force from time to time by the owner, his family, guests, servants, agents or occupants of his/her unit shall be borne by such owner and may be recovered by the Corporation against such owner in the same manner as common expenses.

(t) Residents may not run a business from their units. (The definition of 'business' will be evaluated against any situation by the Board as required).

(u) Motorized bathtubs, whirlpool bathtubs, Jacuzzi bathtubs and therapeutic bathtubs (hereinafter referred to as 'motorized bathtubs' and any such similar devices are prohibited in apartment units). Existing 'motorized bathtubs' which were installed prior to this rule’s effective date of September 20, 2001, must be used at reasonable hours; no earlier than 8:00 a.m. and no later than 9:00 p.m. all 'motorized bathtubs', must be replaced with standard, non-motorized bathtubs when replacement is necessary due to age or obsolescence.

2. Use of Common Areas

(a) The sidewalks, entry, passageways, walkways and driveways used in common by owners shall not be obstructed by any of the owners or used by them for any purpose other than for ingress and egress to and from their respective units. Common element areas intended for passage (e.g., hallways) must not be obstructed by bicycles, baby carriages, rubbers, doormats or other objects.
Bicycles belonging to Tower residents must be stored in the bicycle room on the main level of the Tower provided for this purpose. No bicycles are to be transported to or from this room via front lobby and are not allowed on the elevators.

(b) No notices of any kind may be fixed on any part of the common elements except the bulletin boards without prior approval of the Property Manager.

(c) The owner shall not place, leave or permit to be placed or left in or upon the common elements including those of which he has the exclusive use, any debris, refuse or garbage. Garbage and refuse are to be securely wrapped and disposed of down the garbage chute in the Tower (between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.) and in the designated areas of the Garden Homes (after 7:00 p.m. on the day before garbage pick-up); no burning refuse of any kind should be deposited in the garbage chutes.
For Tower residents, large garbage items must be disposed of outside the garbage room in the upper level garage. Kitty litter is also to be wrapped and disposed of in the garbage containers outside the garbage room in the upper level garage.
Recycling is available for Tower residents; containers are located in the upper level garage. Garden Homes are encouraged to recycle also.

(d) Lanes, gardens, walks and other external areas of the property must be used in a quiet and proper manner so as not to disturb residents (also enforced by City by-law).
Bicycles, Skateboards and roller blades are not permitted on sidewalks.

(e) The laundry room of the Tower is to be used only by residents of the Tower and only for washing and drying laundry. Operating instructions for the use of the equipment must be followed.

(f) Smoking in all interior common areas of the Tower shall not be permitted. This includes elevators or elevator waiting areas (prohibited by City by-law), saunas, garages, corridors, stairwells, and laundry room. The only exception is the Party Room.

(g) Children are not allowed to play in the hallways, stairwells, front lobby, laundry area, garages, elevators, saunas or other inside common elements.

(h) No one shall harm, mutilate, destroy alter or litter any of the landscaping work on the property, including grass, trees, shrubs, hedges, flowers or flower beds.

(i) No building or structure or tent shall be erected and no trailer either with or without living, sleeping or eating accommodation shall be placed, located, kept or maintained on the common elements.

3. Rental of Units - Owner and Tenant Responsibilities

(a) In accordance with Section IV 2(a) of the Declaration of this Corporation, owners who rent their units must notify the Board through the Property Manager of the tenant’s name along with the names of other persons living in the unit, and provide a copy of the rental agreement to the Property Manager. In addition, owners must have their tenants sign an agreement to abide by the by-laws, rules and regulations governing the Corporation (a copy of this agreement or letter of undertaking can be provided by the Property Manager). Finally, the owner shall give the Property Manager his or her service address in order that official documents (notice of meetings, etc.) can be sent to him or her.

(b) No tenant shall be liable for the payment of common expenses unless notified by the Corporation that the owner is in default of payment of common expenses, in which case the tenant shall deduct, from the rent payable to the owner, the owner’s share of common expenses, and shall pay the same to the Corporation.

(c) Any owner leasing his unit shall not be relieved hereby from any of his obligations with respect to the unit which shall be joint and several with his tenant.

(d) An owner who rents his unit waives his/her rights to the use of the common facilities (pool, car wash, laundry room, sauna, inside parking, etc.)

4. Moves

(a) All moves in and out of the Tower must be scheduled with the Property Manager at least ten days in advance except through special approval of the Property Manager. A $50.00 damage deposit, either by cheque or money order, must be left with the Superintendent before the move. The deposit will be refunded on completion of the move if no damage has occurred. However, the user must pay any damage beyond $50.00.

(b) Moving is only permitted between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Moving on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to NOON is permitted only subject to the approval of the Property Manager. (Saturday moves are subject to a $25.00 fee paid directly to the Superintendent on duty). Moving is not permitted on Sunday. Only one elevator may be used for moving at any one time. It will be placed on service and equipped with a protective pad for that purpose by the Superintendent. A damage deposit of $50.00 is also required.

5. Furniture and Appliances Deliveries for Tower Residents

All furniture and appliance deliveries should be made prior to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

6. Heating and Air Conditioning

For those who have installed air conditioning, do not leave these units on in the summer when you are out of the unit. Water-cooled air conditioners are not permitted. Similarly, in winter set your heating thermostat to the comfort level and close all windows if you plan to be away.
Note: Tower residents should not turn their thermostats below 66 0F in the winter months due to the possibility of the radiator pipes freezing and bursting.
Note: Garden home window air conditioners are permitted only in the ground floor living room window. Air conditioners are not permitted in the second story windows.


Composters will be allowed on the common elements of the Garden Homes outside the users exclusive use, backyard fence, providing the composters are a commercial type and that they are well maintained and do not become a nuisance.

8. Door Locks - Tower and Garden Homes

Owners must supply the Management Office with a duplicate key to their unit. The key will be locked in a safe place to be used in case of emergency.

9. Parking

All roadways on Corporation property are designated fire routes. Parking here is prohibited and will be subject to a $100.00 fine.
The Tower has two physically disabled parking spaces, which are for the exclusive use of handicapped visitors. Physically disabled residents do not have the authorization to park there and will be subject to a $300.00 fine.
All other violations such as unregistered visitors’ vehicles, residents parking in the visitors’ lots, double parking or parking in an unauthorized location are subject to fines.
Each unit has a particular parking space allotted to it for the exclusive use of the resident.

10 Parking Spaces

The following procedures and regulations govern the use of resident parking spaces:

(a) The designated user of a parking space is required to keep the space clean and free of materials or any condition likely to cause nuisance, hazard or fire liability.

(b) Only private passenger automobiles, motorized bikes and truck type vehicles less than 6 feet high and not in excess of normal motor car length are permitted to park in any parking area or garage, including the visitors’ parking area. Only one such vehicle may be parked in any designated space.
Propane vehicles are not allowed in the indoor parking garages.

(c) Residents’ vehicles shall only be parked in their designated parking spaces. Parking is not allowed in the driveway. Residents shall not use the visitors’ parking area at any time.

(d) Vehicles in violation of the rules are subject to ticketing and/or towing by a by-law enforcement officer, Parking Control or by the Ottawa Police, at the owner’s risk and expense.

(e) If you find another vehicle in your parking space and do not recognize the vehicle, check with Security, if available, Securworks, or call the Gloucester By-Law Enforcement Officer and ask to have the car removed or ticketed.

(f) Vehicles owned by residents and parked in the parking spaces belonging to each condominium unit must have an HP sticker displayed visibly in the front or rear windshield.

(g) The owners/operators of motor vehicles should periodically check their vehicles to ensure they are not leaking oil or gas, which may dirty or damage the floor of the garage or paved surfaces of the outdoor parking lots. Owner/operators are responsible for the prompt cleanup and repair.

(h) The servicing and/or repair of any vehicle is prohibited anywhere on the premises for fire, security and cleanliness reasons, with the exception of tire changes and minor repairs or service to start stalled vehicles.

(i) Trailers of all types and bicycles are prohibited in the garage. Bicycles may not be stored in car parking areas, secured to pillars, pipes, nor may they be stored in the Tower units or on balconies. Motorcycles are permitted if they are parked only in the space assigned to the residential unit, one vehicle to a space.

(j) Parking spaces are designed for vehicles that are operational. Any vehicles deemed to be abandoned or unsightly shall be removed by the owner or by the Board at the owner’s risk and expense.

(k) Residents of the Tower and C.C.C. No. 17 staff require exclusive use of the underground garage facilities. Condominium staff may use the parking garage and facilities for the duration of their workday provided they have an agreement with the resident who provides a parking space to them.

(l) Non-residents including Tower non-resident owners, shall not rent parking spaces in the parking garage.

(m) Guests of residents, Tower non-residents and Tower non-resident owners, may not use the underground garage car wash facilities.

(n) Any changes of license plates are to be registered with the Property Manager.
Tower residents are not to leave garage door openers in their vehicles at any time.
If available, extra parking spaces may be arranged on request to the Property Manager. A rental fee, established by the Board, will be charged and the Board reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement without notice.

11. Traffic

(a) The speed limit in the garage is 10 km.p.h. Residents are requested to observe this strictly as well as to give the right-of-way courtesy to other moving vehicles and/or pedestrians in the garage.

(b) Vehicle headlights should be on at all times when driving in the garage. This ensures that others will see you and is of particular importance at blind corners.

(c) Residents entering and exiting the garage are to stop to ensure the door closes behind them and that no one enters on foot or another vehicle exits or enters as a result of opening the door.

(d) Pedestrians are frequently in the garage and motorists should drive with caution.

(e) Garden home area speed limit is 15 km.p.h. Please exercise caution regarding children at play.

12. Fire Lanes and Loading Areas

(a) Any vehicle parked in a drive lane or fire lane or loading area is subject to ticketing and/or towing by a By-Law Enforcement Officer at the owner’s risk and expense.

(b) Commercial vehicles or vehicles unloading or loading furniture or other materials must park so as not to block traffic and shall not be left unattended. These vehicles cannot block the pedestrian entrance to the Tower.

(c) Service vehicles must park in the visitors’ parking areas.

13. Visitors’ Parking

The following procedures and regulations apply to the use of the visitors’ parking areas.

(a) Only automobiles, motorcycles and other motorized passenger vehicles are authorized to park in the designated visitors’ parking areas.

(b) Residents are not permitted to park in designated visitor parking areas.

(c) Vehicles must park only in designated parking spaces.

(d) Vehicles are not permitted to park overnight without registering the vehicle with Securitas at 745-7554 ext. 231. Owners can leave a message indicating their unit number, the license plate number of their visiting vehicle and the dates involved up to three nights. For overnight Tower visitors, there are two (2) parking spots allotted in the front parking lot. All other overnight vehicles are to park in the designated visitors’ parking at the side of the Tower.

(e) Parking Infractions are subject to ticketing. Repetition of the infraction or unpaid fines can result in further ticketing and/or towing at the owner’s risk and expense .


1. Bicycle Storage

A bicycle room is located on the main level of the Tower for Tower residents. A key to this room may be purchased from the Management Office at a cost of $10.00. Non-motorized bikes may be kept only in the patios of Garden Homes. Bicycles are not to be taken in the elevators.

2. Laundry Room

The laundry room, open from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., with 'smart card' operated washers and dryers,( on contract to Coinamatic), is located on the lobby level of the Tower for the use of Tower residents only. 'Smart cards' can be passed on to you by the previous owner of your unit or you may obtain one from the management office. There may be a charge. Users of the laundry room are requested to leave out-of-order notes on any defective machine, and to report it directly to Coinamatic or the Management Office. The number is posted in the laundry room.

3. Lockers

Storage lockers for each unit are located on the lobby level for Tower residents. You are advised not to store objects of great value in your locker.

4. Residents’ Workroom/Hobby Shop (updated July 7, 2005)

Located on the lower level is an exclusive use common element for use by Tower residents only. This room is unventilated and has a workbench. Access to the workshop/hobby shop is not limited to one user at a time. Each user must clean up after each use. Small hand held tools are permitted for use in this room with the exception of powered saws. Air compressor driven tools are absolutely not permitted to be used in this room.

Project materials may be left at their owner’s risk for the duration of the project but not longer than the completion of the project or 30 consecutive days, which ever occurs first. Materials must be clearly marked with the name of their owner and unit number. Any materials not clearly marked or left in excess of 30 days will be considered abandoned and may be disposed of without notice.

The room is intended for repairs or refurbishment of small appliances, electronics, furniture, household ornaments, or for hobby and craft purposes only; it is not to be used for business purposes, children’s playroom, or to repair any mechanical devices or automotive parts. The workshop/hobby shop is unsupervised by the corporation and all persons use the room at their own risk. Any person under 18 years old must be personally supervised by an adult resident who is present at all times when the minor is in the workshop/hobby shop. Workshop/hobby shop hours are limited between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. A key to this room may be obtained from the Management Office with a $10.00 refundable deposit.

All persons using the workshop shall leave the workshop in a clean condition, remove all materials, tools, and debris after their use has terminated or their authorized time expired.

5. Guest Suites

The guest suites are available for short-term rental by contacting the Management Office. The rental fee is $35.00 per day.

6. Children’s Playground

The children’s playground is located between the Tower and Garden Homes. Pets are not permitted in this area at any time.

7. Pool

Each resident using the pool must enter using the 'Medeco' Pool Key and the lifeguard will ask to see the Key upon entry to the pool deck to confirm you are a resident (please remember to not allow entry to others while using the gate).
Each resident may bring one guest to the pool. The guest must be identified to the lifeguard.
Please keep showering to a minimum necessary to remove creams and oils before swimming and afterward just to remove the chlorine.
The pool gate key is a registered 'Medeco' type that pool users cannot duplicate. The cost for the key is $10.00 and one only will be available per household. Should your key be lost the replacement cost is $50.00.
Please become familiar with the pool Rules and Regulations posted at the entrance of the Pool. The lifeguards have the authority to enforce the rules and can have violators removed from the pool at their discretion.
Residents without keys will not be permitted to use the pool.
Keys may be obtained from the Management Office and signed for in person. Please make arrangements to attend the office prior to the pool opening each summer.

8. Party Room and Recreation Center

The party room is located on the lobby level of the Tower. The recreation center is located adjacent to the pool. These facilities may be reserved by contacting the Property Manager.
There is a reasonable fee of $45.00 for use of the facilities. A refundable $250.00 damage deposit and a $50.00 cleaning deposit (if no cleaning is required) must be paid at the time of booking. Rental of these facilities is subject to approval by the Board of Directors. The Property Manager will determine whether the monies are to be refunded after the party upon the recommendation of the Superintendent. Residents must agree to abide by the rules of conduct described below, and assume responsibility for their guests. The resident must attend the party and may not rent on behalf of others.

The following rules of conduct apply to use of the party room and recreation facility:

(a) Any proposed use other than a conventional party must be approved by the Board of Directors or a representative prior to the event.

(b)The owner or resident is responsible for all property damage.

(c) Party room music is to cease by 11:00 p.m. and the room is to be vacated no later than midnight.
The Recreation Center music is to cease by midnight and the Recreation Center vacated no later than 1:00 a.m.

(d) No more than 30 guests are permitted in the party room and no more than 70 guests are permitted in the Recreation Center.

(e) Noise and music are to be kept at a reasonable level.

(f) The front entrance doors to the Tower are not to be blocked open. There is a buzzer for the party room. The Party Room renter must meet his guests at the door.

(g) Guests should be advised to park in the visitor parking lot. Cars illegally parked are subject to towing without warning, at the owner’s risk and expense.

9. Sauna Area

The following regulations apply to the sauna area, which is for the use of the Tower residents only.

(a) Children under 16 years of age are not to use the saunas unless accompanied by an adult.

(b) The sauna doors shall not be left open at any time.

(c) Keep saunas clean, no hair combing, no polluting, no littering.

(d) Do not touch sauna interior controls (thermostat or thermometer). The exterior timing control is to be set only when the sauna is to be used.

(e) Smoking, food or beverages are prohibited in the saunas or changing areas; no person may bring a glass container into these locations (Ont. Reg. 129/74, s.30, 1, I).

(f) No person infected with a communicable disease or having open sores on the body shall enter the saunas or changing room area (Ont. Reg. 129/74, s.30, 1, I).

(g) No person shall engage in boisterous play in or about the saunas’ changing rooms (Ont. Reg. 129/74, s.30, 1, v).


1. Guards

Securitas has a mobile security patrol on duty between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. daily. There are also security cameras in the Tower providing electronic surveillance. For security emergencies Call the Ottawa Police at 236-1222 Noise complaints can be directed to City of Ottawa By-law enforcement by dialing 311.

2. Security Procedure

Security can only be achieved with the cooperation and effort of each resident. All residents share joint responsibility for the areas outside their units. It is essential that rules govern the use of these areas so that a fair and orderly system will prevail.

Follow the Rules - They apply to everyone - residents and visitors.

Observe - Report any suspicious persons/activity to the Management Office, security guard or the police

Be Neighborly - Get to know your neighbors and make sure they know you.

Be Firm - Do not allow anyone whom you do not recognize access to the building without first satisfying yourself that they are legitimate residents or visitors.

Report - Immediately notify the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police of any theft, attempted theft, assault, known or apparent trespass.in case of fire Immediately notify the Fire Department of fire.

Notify the Superintendent or the Property Manager if the garage or pedestrian doors are open or inoperative. Make sure the garage door closes behind you when you enter or exit.

Report burned out lights in parking garage or outside parking to security or management.

When leaving the building through any exit door make sure the door closes and locks behind you.

Be aware of your surroundings; if you feel unsafe to approach your vehicle ask security or someone to escort you.

Do not approach a group of strangers at any time. Advise Security or report the incident to the Management Office.

Never walk outside into a dark area at night by yourself.

Never tell strangers your unit number or allow solicitors into the building. If someone rings your unit and you do not know who it is, defer to security or management and also report it.

Occupants of lower level units should close and lock their windows at night and when absent from their home.

Security and Management need our support in order to work together in achieving a safe and secure living environment.

3. Tower Security - Front Entrance, Back, Side Doors and Garage Doors

(a) Care should be taken to ensure that unauthorized persons are not allowed entry to the building and that the doors are properly secured behind you.

(b) The front door unlocking mechanism controlled from your unit should not be activated unless you definitely know the person calling and his or her admittance is in order.

(c) Upon entering or exiting from the underground garage, care should be taken to ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain entrance to the building. In other words, do not immediately drive off, rather stay and wait until the garage door has closed. Do not leave automatic garage door openers in vehicles. It is not uncommon for thieves or vandals to gain entrance via the garage.

(d) Side doors shall not be 'fixed open' by use of stones, woodchips, etc., for the use of children or taking pets for a walk.

4. Unit Security - Tower and Garden Homes

Owners and residents are reminded that they should arrange for someone to check their unit daily while they are away, since many insurance policies will not otherwise cover damage and loss, which may occur. It is also a good idea to have a neighbor pick up your newspaper or flyers daily if you plan to be away for a few days. For longer periods of time it is best to stop the delivery of the paper. Leave name and number of contact person and where you can be reached with Property Manager for long-period absences.

5. Door Locks - Right of Entry

Pursuant to the Corporation’s declaration, the Corporation has the right to enter any unit as follows:

XXXIII -(A)The Corporation will have the right to enter into any unit at any reasonable time on forty-eight (48) hours notice to the Owner or Occupant in order to make inspections with a view to discovering any condition, or for the purpose of maintenance and repair of any installation in the property which is necessary for the provision of services to any Unit or the Common Elements. In case of emergency such entry may be made without notice. The right of entry shall be exercisable by the Board or by a person delegated by the Board.

If an owner or resident changes the door lock it is important that a copy of the key is left with the Corporation so that entry can be attained in the event of an emergency, scheduled maintenance or if the resident has lost the key. This applies to the Tower units and the Garden Homes.

In the event the Corporation does not have access to the appropriate unit key(s), owners will be held responsible for damages to any common element caused by forced entry in the event of an emergency.

6. Fire Security

(a) Tower Fire Protection Equipment

1. Each residential floor of the Tower has a water hose and two pull stations to sound an alarm; all residents should familiarize themselves with the location of these stations. NOTE: The fire alarm system is not connected to the Fire Department, which must be notified by telephone.

2. The main level and lower level garage floors are equipped with water hoses, and an automatic water sprinkler system activated by heat sensors and manual fire alarms.

3. In accordance with the City of Ottawa By-Law, each unit must be equipped with smoke detectors; the installation and maintenance of smoke detectors is the responsibility of each unit owner. The penalty for non-compliance of this By-law is 1,000.00, not to mention possible civil liability in the event of a fire.

4. The occupants of each unit should obtain and maintain operable, a reliable carbon dioxide (CO2) or other chemical fire extinguisher for home use.

(b) Emergency Stairwells

There are three stairwells marked 'EXIT' on each residential floor of the Tower for emergency exit. These doors should be closed tightly at all times to prevent smoke or flame infiltration in the event of a fire emergency.

(c) Garbage Disposal

No burning refuse of any kind, including such items as cigarette ends, cigar ashes, pipe smoking materials, etc., should be placed in the garbage containers. Inspect all garbage before depositing containers in the garbage chute to ensure that no smoking or smoldering items are included. It is good practice to wrap dampened cigarette butts in an airtight tinfoil package before placing in a garbage container.

(d) Occupant Action on Discovering a Fire

If A fire is located in a Unit

1. If you hear a smoke alarm go off and nobody answers the door when you nock, you are to activate the closest pull station for the fire alarm, or in the case of a Garden Home call 911.

2. Evacuate everyone in the unit and close the door behind you (do not lock it).

3. Pull the nearest fire pull station to sound the alarm and to alert the rest of the building.

4. Exit by the nearest stairwell.

5. Call the Fire Department (911) as soon as possible and give the exact address and location of the fire.

If a Fire is Located Outside of a Unit

If you decide to leave your unit you should:

1. Feel the doorknobs and door before opening. If hot, brace yourself against the door and open slightly. If you feel air pressure or a hot draft, close quickly.

2. If the corridor is clear, close your door behind you and leave by the nearest stairwell exit.


3. If you encounter smoke in the stairwell, DO NOT GO DOWN. Return to your unit or take the corridor to the other side of the building where the stairwell may be clear.

If you decide to remain in your unit, you should:

1. Feel the doorknobs and door. If hot, open the door only slightly. If there is a hot draft or air pressure, close quickly.

2. Use wet towels to seal cracks.

3. If smoke enters, crouch low and move to the balcony or most protected room and open the window.

4. Signal your position by waving a white sheet and await rescue.

Handicapped Occupants

Handicapped occupants requiring assistance to evacuate the building in an emergency must inform the Property Manager at the time of moving in. A list of handicapped residents will be maintained, including their apartment numbers, telephone numbers, and the type of assistance required. However, the handicapped should have their own personal plan and arrangements in the event of an emergency.

Fire Safety Manual

Please read the detailed fire instructions in the Fire Safety Manual, which is issued separately.

(e) Duties of the Building Superintendent during a Fire Emergency

1. Call the Fire Department upon hearing the fire alarm.

2. Place the elevators on emergency service at the ground level.

3. Prop the front doors open for the Fire Department. Wait for the Fire Department with the keys and the Fire Safety Plan in hand.

4. Assist the Fire Department as required, in particular being available to guide the fire fighters to switch rooms, elevator control room, mechanical rooms and other control areas.

5. The Fire Department officer will tell the Superintendent when to turn off the alarm system. In turning the system off, the Superintendent must ensure that he sets it up in preparation for another emergency.

(f) Garden Home Fire Safety

All Garden Homes should prepare and practice their fire escape plan.